Why Technology Is Important

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June 06, 2012Serving Manufacturers with Dealer Networks

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  • Why Technology Is Important

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Why Technology Is Important

Lady At ATMThirty years ago, the banking industry began to undergo a revolution.  Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) changed banking fundamentally.  Would you patronize a bank which does not have ATMs?  If you are under 45 or so, I expect the answer is no.  Today people require 24 hours a day availability of their bank. Banks disappeared because they did not recognize that people saw an advantage to moving forward and utilizing this new technology.  I remember installing ATMs into small towns, where we had to put a hand-made note on the machine to notify patrons as to where to get your money.  Common people did not understand the technology, but they sure liked the convenience of being able to do business when they had the time.

Manufacturing is undergoing the same kind of transformation.  Your customers, your dealers and distributors want and need 24-hour access.  You NEED to provide your customers the ability to use your knowledge and information as they can find the time.  This means:

  • Technical Knowledge, access to what you know about the business
  • Sales Literature on your products
  • Product Configuration
  • Order Tracking
  • Warranty Registration

As well as everything else that you can think of to make their business accessable 24 hours a day.

I cannot encourage you enough to consider what this revolution means to your business!

Of course, at Nauvou, we produce and sell our Partner Portal to help manufacturers connect with their partners.  This is a product designed to make it easy for your existing staff to provide web-based services to your business partner network.  Our product is designed to help you sell more of your products and to keep your partners apprised of the workings of your products.  Using the web will make your job easier!

You know the old saying. A picture is worth a thousand words. I think that was before color and high resolution photography of today. Using pictures you can tell your story better than using only words.

If a picture is worth, a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Think of providing the answers that your dealers/distributors/partners need using all the technology available on the world wide web.  When your product has a new feature, get your best expert  to demonstrate the new feature using video.  Most point and shoot cameras can make videos suitable for you tube.  Embed the you tube video in your product information page, and you have fantastic new-age media on your dealer portal.

We will help you move into this new powerful mode of communication.